Conversations: Getting Home Health Care for Your Senior


Sometimes, your senior parent or grandparent may not be on board with the idea of caregivers caring for them at home.

But when they’re showing signs of health problems and risks for falls, it may be crucial to have one stay at home with them. Here are our tips on how you can open up the topic of home health care to your aging relative:

  • Highlight the Benefits

    If your senior loved ones would rather spend their golden years at the comfort of their home, then highlight the benefits of in-home care to them. Explain to them that caregivers will assist them with activities of daily living, like medication reminders, errands, and the likes, while gaining more freedom doing what they enjoy.

  • Allow them to Have a Hand at the Decision-Making Process

    You can search for home health care in Massachusetts, but make sure that your senior loved ones have a say in the care they will receive. Have them meet the caregivers first before making a final decision. They should also have a hand in developing the care plan.

  • Get Advice from a Professional

    Try talking to your seniors’ primary care physician about home health care. That way, their physician can also provide their input on how a home health care provider can ensure their optimal quality of life in the future.

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