Helpful Tips to Avoid Depression in Seniors

helpful-tips-to-avoid-depression-in-seniorsMillions of older Americans are affected by clinical depression. Although it is prevalent, there are still ways to combat depression. Some of the most common causes of depression in the elderly include the loss of a spouse or a loved one, having a medical condition, the lack of independence, retirement, and feelings of having no purpose or being alone, among others.

As an expert in senior care, allow us to share tips on how to reduce a senior’s risk of depression.

  • Living a healthy lifestyle is a powerful factor in preventing depression. Eating healthy, well-balanced meals and exercising regularly can help avoid illnesses that may bring on depression.
  • Do activities that you enjoy. Find time for your hobbies or learn new skills that spark your interest. You can also care for a pet (if permitted by your doctor) or do some volunteer work.
  • Learn to manage stress. Chronic stress is one of the leading risk factors for depression. So, get enough sleep each night and try yoga, breathing techniques, and other forms of meditation.
  • Stay in touch with loved ones. Invite them over to your home, visit them sometimes, or go out for a meal or a movie. Connect with other people as well, such as your neighbors.

Hiring caregivers has helped many seniors stave off depression. They can assist seniors with their daily living activities while maintaining their independence.

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