Helping the Elderly with Mobility Issues


The sharpness of the body’s senses fades when a person starts aging. Most of all, aging also develops an inability to move around. Most elderly fear they won’t be able to do their favorite outdoor activities or keep up with their everyday tasks.

Mobility problems in the elderly are the result of their age, low physical ability, impaired strength and balance, and chronic diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. In most cases, when an elderly feels discomfort and some successive dizziness, chest pain, and lightheadedness, it is important to seek a professional’s help.

A provider of home health care in Massachusetts recommends consulting a physical therapist for daily exercise, drug remedies, or proper home care to prevent higher risks of falls and other mobility problems. Moreover, here are what you can do to help:

  • Ask caregivers or therapists for help to assist safety and make recommendations for safety.
  • Help the elderly stay physically active through simple daily activities such as stretching. However, it would be best to contact homecare services in Danvers, Massachusetts to see if they have programs for fall prevention or walking program.
  • Have their regular vision and hearing test to avoid risks of mobility problems. If an elderly has impaired vision or hearing, it is more likely to lead to falls and other mobility problems.

There are many roots of immobility, thus it is suggested to conduct monthly checks with your healthcare provider to avoid many risks of mobility problems.

If you are looking for elderly assistance, Patient Care Solutions LLC supports any patient home care needs.

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