How Physical Therapy Can Help You


If you’re a senior yourself or you have an elderly loved one, you might have seen them moving around less and less. This is because as people grow old, they start to lose bone and muscle mass which can make walking around more difficult. If you’ve been to some homecare services in Danvers, Massachusetts, you’ll see that one of their services is to offer physical therapy for the elderly. But really, what are its benefits? Check out this article.

  • It Promotes Independence

    With physical therapy, seniors do exercises that can help them regain their mobility. The more mobility they have, the easier it is to do basic tasks such as cooking, cleaning, or walking, and they’ll need less help from caregivers.

  • It Helps With Recovery

    It’s common for the elderly to fall and get injured from doing basic things. With physical therapy, they get to ease their pain as the exercises performed during physical therapy sessions can help reduce swelling, helping the body heal faster.

  • It Helps With Chronic Pain

    From chronic headaches to nerve aches, these are just some chronic conditions that physical therapy can help manage and ease without the use of medications.

  • It Helps Ease Symptoms of Other Conditions

    Physical therapy is not just about exercising. Instead, it considers your entire health and lifestyle, from daily activities to diet. For instance, you can manage symptoms of urinary incontinence through physical therapy.

Physical therapy is not just about exercise. It provides focuses on the overall rehabilitation of your health and condition to get you back to your optimal health. If you have an elderly loved one or if you are seeking physical therapy or other services in home health care in Massachusetts, call Patient Care Solutions LLC now.

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