Prioritizing Quality Sleep for Seniors


One of the many prescriptions that doctors give to elderly patients with chronic conditions is sleep. Although modern science offers methods for treating or curing specific illnesses, nothing but a restful night’s sleep can naturally heal the body.

According to medical professionals at some leading home health care in Massachusetts, when you sleep, your body releases healing hormones that are crucial for cell growth and repair. Additionally, it helps you store your short-term memories permanently.

Moreover, here are more reasons why seniors should prioritize getting quality sleep:

  • Better emotion regulation

    Sleep is important for your mood and mental health. Sleep deprivation can cause feelings of anxiety, irritability, depression, and even suicidal thoughts.

  • Lower risk of accidents

    The risk of falling remains high. Because sleep deprivation causes slower reaction times and impaired judgement, this may lead seniors to dangerous situations.

  • Reduced pain and inflammation

    If you don’t get enough sleep regularly, your risk of developing chronic inflammatory conditions like heart disease increases as well.

  • Boosts memory

    When you sleep, your brain processes what happened throughout the day and solidifies memories by strengthening them.

  • Better weight management

    Sleep affects how your body metabolizes the food you eat.

If your elderly loved one has health issues or is dealing with depression that makes it difficult for them to fall asleep, our health services for disease management program can help. Here at Patient Care Solutions LLC, we have a team of professional caregivers who provide the greatest compassionate care available. Our mission is to support our clients’ improvement of their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

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