The Dangers of Increasing Your Dose


Pain. It is the number one problem of individuals going through their senior years.

Aging is often associated with chronic conditions and mobility issues that may cause pain and discomfort, and yes, pain can greatly affect a person’s way of life and comfort. It can even cause stress, which in excessive levels over long periods, can cause mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. This is why caregivers strongly recommend pain management to reduce pain.

According to a home health care in Massachusetts, pain management consists of regular intakes of painkillers to attain relief, and with the pain you may be feeling, it can be quite tempting to increase your dose or take more than what is needed. But remember doing so can be very detrimental for your health as painkillers such as ibuprofen potentially damage your kidneys and liver, which may cause you more pain in the long run. Increasing your dose without your doctor’s prescription can also lead to a lethal overdose!

So despite the pain, keep in mind to adhere to your prescribed dose or if the pain becomes unbearable, reach out to your doctor. Doing so can help!

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